Grand Seiko 44GS (Midsize)


Grand Seiko Unveils Trio of U.S. Exclusive 44GS Midsize Watches

Grand Seiko has introduced three new midsize 44GS watches that are exclusive to the U.S. market. The watches are inspired by the four seasons of Japan, and each features a unique dial that reflects the beauty of nature.

The SBGW313 "Hanami" is inspired by the cherry blossom season, with a pink dial that evokes the delicate blooms of the sakura trees.

Grand Seiko 44GS

The SBGW311 "Tsuyu" is inspired by the rainy season, with a smoky green dial that recalls the lush landscape and overcast skies of this time of year.

Grand Seiko 44GS

The SBGW309 "Juhyo" is inspired by the winter season, with a bright blue dial that reflects the appearance of the cold skies and snow-covered formations.

Grand Seiko 44GS

All three watches are powered by the Caliber 9S64 manual-wind mechanical movement, which offers a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. They feature stainless steel cases that measure 36.5mm in diameter and 11.6mm thick, with angular lugs that are set 18mm apart.

The SBGW313 and SBGW311 will be available for purchase beginning this month at Grand Seiko's physical and online boutiques as well as authorized retailers throughout the U.S. The SBGW309 is reserved for GS9 Club members, who can purchase through Grand Seiko's online boutique or at Grand Seiko GS9 Club events.


All three watches are priced at $5,900 USD.


The new midsize 44GS watches are a welcome addition to the Grand Seiko lineup. They offer a more compact case size than the standard 44GS models, which makes them more appealing to a wider range of wearers. The nature-inspired dials are also a nice touch, and they add a unique element to the watches.

While the price of $5,900 USD is not insignificant, it is in line with other Grand Seiko models. The watches offer excellent value for money, considering the quality of the craftsmanship and the movements used.

Overall, the new midsize 44GS watches are a very attractive proposition. They offer a classic design, high-quality construction, and a reliable movement. If you are looking for a luxurious and timeless wristwatch, the new midsize 44GS watches are definitely worth considering.

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