Omega Constellation Watch

Omega Constellation Meteorite

Omega, known for its diverse range of options, has introduced an impressive lineup of 20 new Constellation models for 2024, all featuring striking meteorite dials. From stainless steel to solid gold with diamonds, these new watches cater to varied tastes. Let's delve into the details of this exciting release.

Omega Constellation Meteorite

A Range of Sizes and Designs

The collection spans four different case sizes, from 25mm to 41mm, ensuring there's something for everyone. Each size offers distinct features and functionalities, making this release more than just different-sized iterations of the same watch.

Omega Constellation Meteorite

Variety in Movements and Dial Treatments

While the smaller sizes boast time-only quartz movements, the larger ones come with self-winding mechanical calibers featuring date displays. Additionally, the meteorite dials undergo color treatment processes, offering a wide array of appearances across the collection.

Omega Constellation Meteorite

Detailed Breakdown by Size

25mm Models: Available in various metals, including stainless steel, 18k gold, and two-tone variants, these models feature diamond-set bezels and meteorite dials with unique colors.

28mm Models: Slightly larger versions of the 25mm models, these offer different dial colors and similar metal options, all powered by quartz movements.

29mm Models: With in-house Master Co-Axial automatic movements, these watches offer enhanced functionality and come in various dial colors, each paired with diamond hour markers.

41mm Models: The largest in the collection, these watches boast different material options for cases and bezels, showcasing classic baton indexes on the dial and powered by either standard or luxury-oriented movements.

Omega Constellation Meteorite

Price Range and Accessibility

With prices ranging from $8,400 to $42,400 USD, these watches cater to different budgets. While the solid gold models exude luxury, the stainless steel options offer a more accessible entry point to collectors.

Omega Constellation Meteorite


Omega's latest release of Constellation Meteorite watches for 2024 offers a blend of elegance, functionality, and variety. Whether you're drawn to the smaller, quartz-powered models or the larger, automatic ones, there's a timepiece to suit every taste and preference. Explore the collection to find your perfect match and elevate your wristwear game in style.

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