Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Green Dial

Patek Philippe Nautilus Green Dial

In spring 2021, Patek Philippe introduced the stainless steel model with an olive green dial, officially known as the Nautilus reference 5711/1A-014. It served as the successor to the highly acclaimed blue-black dialed ref. 5711/1A-010 in steel, marking the end of that particular reference (excluding the limited edition Patek x Tiffany & Co. 5711 with a robin egg blue dial that followed a few months later). For those familiar with the secondary market for luxury watches, it comes as no surprise that the green dial Nautilus 5711 has become incredibly valuable, fetching around ten times its original retail price. Despite being in Patek Philippe's catalog for less than a year, the reference was discontinued in January 2022.

Powering the Nautilus 5711 is the automatic Caliber 26-330 S C movement, which is the same movement used in previous Nautilus 5711 watches since 2019. Derived from the Caliber 324 S C, the newer Caliber 26-330 S C features an improved winding system with a redesigned rotor and hacking seconds. True to Patek Philippe's tradition, the movement is visible through the sapphire caseback, revealing its mechanical beauty. With its Calatrava Cross-engraved 21K solid gold rotor, Patek Philippe seal, Côtes de Genève decoration, perlage, jewels, gears, and wheels, the movement offers an array of captivating details.

The integrated bracelet has always been a beloved aspect of the Nautilus, and the olive-hued 5711/1A-014 continues this legacy. It has been said that the Nautilus bracelet wears like a piece of jewelry, and as a fan of bracelets, bangles, and all forms of exquisite wrist adornments, I can attest to this. The combination of polished center links, satin outer links, beveled edges, and a tapered form creates a delightful visual and tactile experience. The bracelet remains secure on the wrist with a double deployant clasp, further enhanced by a fold-over lock adorned with the Calatrava Cross.

Over a year has passed since the steel Nautilus with a green dial (originally priced at $34,890 USD) left Patek Philippe's catalog. Although the brand introduced the white gold Nautilus ref. 5811/1G in 2022 as a replacement, the use of precious metal in the newest "Jumbo" iteration presents a different proposition altogether. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding this watch, either by immediately disliking it due to what it represents or succumbing to its allure simply because everyone else seems to. However, when we strip away all the context, what remains is the Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 5711/1A-014—a wonderfully charming timepiece that had large shoes to fill and, in my opinion, succeeded in doing so.

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