Rolex Puzzles Everyone With Its New Day-Date Collection

Rolex Day-Date Emoji Puzzle

Rolex made a striking statement at Watches and Wonders 2023 with the introduction of its most audacious collection of Day-Date watches to date.

Unveiling the Day-Date 36 in three captivating variations, Rolex embraced a vibrant and eye-catching design. These timepieces boast a champlevé enameled jigsaw puzzle dial adorned with a vivid rainbow of colors. The rainbow-colored baguette-cut sapphire indices further enhance the aesthetic appeal. Notably, Rolex replaced the customary day and date displays with a unique twist—positive keywords and emojis that add an element of playfulness and charm.

At the top of the dial, the Day window has been replaced with uplifting keywords such as "Happy," "Eternity," "Gratitude," "Peace," "Faith," "Love," and "Hope." Moreover, the 31 dates at the 3 o'clock position have been substituted with an assortment of delightful smiley faces, hearts, and symbolic icons. Enthusiastically dubbed by fans as the Day-Date 36 "Emotion" or "Emoji Puzzle," this watch embodies both a playful spirit and a high level of collectability, much like other limited-production, rainbow-themed precious metal watches that Rolex has produced.

The Day-Date 36 "Emoji Puzzle" watches are equipped with Rolex's caliber 3255 movement, a testament to their exceptional performance. The Oyster case is available in 18K white, yellow, or Everose gold, ensuring a luxurious touch. With a water resistance of up to 100 meters, these timepieces are ideal for both style and durability. They feature the iconic President bracelet, complete with concealed folding Crownclaps and patented ceramic inserts that enhance flexibility and longevity.

Each dial of these remarkable watches displays an arrangement of turquoise blue, red, fuchsia, orange, green, and yellow puzzle pieces, meticulously fitted together against a single-color background. Each color represents a significant moment in life, adding depth and meaning to the design. The 18K white gold (Ref. 128239-0056) and yellow gold (Ref. 128238-0106) versions boast a captivating turquoise blue puzzle-motif dial, while the 18K Everose gold (Ref. 128235-0063) variation features an alluring orange puzzle-motif dial.

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