The Cartier Pasha Chronograph:

pasha de cartier chronograph

Cartier's Pasha Chronograph returns with a bold blue-green twist, reminiscent of Beetlejuice and packed with personality.

In 2021, Cartier revived the Pasha collection, starting with a classic silver dial. A multi-gray version followed, but 2023 brought a true stunner: the WSPA0039 with a unique viridian blue-green dial. This sunray-brushed beauty recalls the iconic scene from Beetlejuice where Otho, the flamboyant interior designer, declares, "Viridian. Blue-green. Hydrated chromic oxide!"

pasha de cartier chronograph

A Watch That Sparks Conversation

The Pasha is a love-it-or-hate-it piece. Its blend of luxury, vintage diver, and even military elements stirs strong emotions. Some call it strange, but that's Cartier's magic: creating polarizing luxury that ignites desire.

This 41mm chronograph exudes personality. The screw-down crown cap, stylish bezel, and bar-style lugs (with hidden quick-release springs for easy strap changes) are all unconventional, yet Cartier masterfully makes them masculine and desirable.

pasha de cartier chronograph

A Playful Dial with Practical Delights

The chronograph subdials fill the dial nicely, creating an instrument-like aesthetic. While I usually prefer three-hand watches, the Pasha chronograph strikes the perfect balance.

Cartier's in-house Caliber 1904-CH3 MC movement powers this beauty, offering 4Hz and a 48-hour power reserve. The date disc even matches the viridian dial, a delightful touch. Blue spinel accents on the pushers and crown cabochons add further color pops.

pasha de cartier chronograph

Strap Options and Modern Convenience

Cartier includes a matching steel bracelet and a vibrant blue alligator strap, both easily interchangeable thanks to the QuickSwitch system. Tool-free bracelet and strap adjustments further elevate the ownership experience.

pasha de cartier chronograph

Final Thoughts:

The Pasha Chronograph Viridian is an exciting addition to the collection. Its playful personality, unique color, and practical features make it a standout choice for those who appreciate bold, conversation-starting luxury. At $10,400 USD, it's an investment, but one that promises to turn heads and spark joy.

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