Unveiling the Iconic Bulgari Bulgari Collection: A Timeless Emblem of Luxury

Bulgari Watches


The Bulgari Bulgari collection has sparked varied opinions, but its distinctive branding on the bezel undeniably sets it apart as an icon of recognition and style.

Embodying Timeless Recognition:

The bezel design of the Bulgari Bulgari series, reminiscent of ancient Roman coins, serves as a bold proclamation of luxury and sophistication, akin to designer accessories flaunting prominent logos.

Bulgari Watches

Heritage and Evolution:

Originating in the 1970s, the Bulgari Bulgari series has undergone transformations over the years. The latest solid gold models, unveiled at LVMH Watch Week 2024, harken back to the collection's origins while embracing contemporary elegance.

Bulgari Watches

Historical Significance:

The collection's roots trace back to Bulgari's exclusive gift of a limited edition yellow gold LCD wristwatch to select VIP clientele in 1975. This marked the beginning of a legacy characterized by opulence and exclusivity.

Bulgari Watches

Design Philosophy:

The collection's bezel prominently showcases the Bulgari name, a design choice steeped in the brand's history and identity. This overt branding, although divisive, aligns with industry norms and enhances the timepieces' appeal as luxury statements.

Bulgari Watches

Modern Interpretations:

The latest Bulgari Bulgari models pay homage to their vintage counterparts while incorporating modern elements such as simple lines, 18k gold cases, and engraved bezels, exemplifying timeless sophistication.

Product Overview:

The new Bulgari Bulgari watches, offered in four models, feature full-size automatic versions alongside smaller quartz variants. Each model exudes luxury, with attention to detail evident in their design and craftsmanship.

Distinctive Features:

The 38mm gold cases, sapphire crystals, and snap-on display casebacks highlight the collection's elegance and durability. The unsigned winding crown complements the watches' polished finish, embodying understated sophistication.

Elegant Dial Designs:

The matte black and white opaline dials, adorned with yellow or rose gold components, exude refinement. Elongated Arabic numerals and beveled date windows add a touch of classic charm to the timepieces.

Performance and Precision:

Powered by the Bulgari Caliber BVL 191 automatic movement, the watches offer reliable performance with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The in-house movement underscores Bulgari's commitment to quality and innovation.


The Bulgari Bulgari collection remains a symbol of luxury and prestige, blending heritage with modernity to create timeless timepieces. With their iconic branding and exquisite craftsmanship, these watches stand as a testament to Bulgari's legacy of excellence in horology.

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